Borealis Energy – El Salvador

Total Power 45, 7 MW


TGPS is currently an approved auditor by the grid regulator in El Salvador.

Our company conducted a series of performance evaluations as well a detailed cost analysis to understand the cost of electricity from various expense sources. This audit was approved by the government authorities within a short frame period.

8 Hundai I.C. reciprocating engines were evaluated.

GECSA – El Salvador

Total Power 45.7 MW


TGPS   was conducting a baseline thermal performance evaluation test for Inversiones Energeticas Combustion Reciprocating Engines located El Salvador.

Our company conducted a series of performance evaluations as well a detailed cost analysis to understand the cost of electricity from various expense sources. This audit was approved by the government authorities within a short frame period.

3 MAN I.C. reciprocating engines have been evaluated.

Borealis Power – El Salvador

Total Power 45.7 MW


The purpose of the combustion engine evaluation was to determine the heat consumption curves of the engine for the full range of loads as well for the start-up and shutdown of the unit.

ThermoGen Power Services Inc. conducted this test  following the international accepted test protocol ASME PTC17-1973.

TGPS scope include the creation of a performance test procedure, provision of testing equipment and creating the final performance test report. The final report was approved by the government authorities and currently TGPS remains in the list of certified auditors after 6 years.


Grupo Cobra – United States of America

Total Power 200MW


TGPS conducts thermal performance testing on one Alstom Steam Turbine at the project Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.

The test determined the steam turbines’ capacity, power output and heat rate at rated conditions.

The analysis will be executed on the basis of internationally accepted protocols ASME PTC 6 ASME PTC 19.1 and ASME PTC 46.



Erdemir Steel Plant – Turkey

Total Power 150MW


The unit experienced a sudden lost in power output and TGPS assisted in  testing the gas turbine to identify the potential cause of this power output loss. The gas turbine an MS6001B had gone through a major inspection and after the scheduled maintenance the unit was producing less power and the gas turbine heat rate was significant higher.

TGPS tested the gas turbine, gas turbine control system, gas turbine control instrumentation. The activities conducted on-site allowed to identify the cause of the performance loss and create a plan to try to recover this output in the next outage.

Indonesia Power – INDONESIA

Total Power 50 MW

Gas turbine upgrade performance test 50 MW– Westinghouse W251B12.

The purpose of the gas turbine performance test was to determine the power output and heat rate improvement after the Gas Turbine Upgrade.

TGPS conducted the evaluation by bringing testing instrumentation, creating a site-specific gas turbine test procedure, conducting the test and creating a gas turbine performance test report.

During the gas turbine evaluation, gas turbine operational data was retrieve from the gas turbine control system as well from the high-precision instrumentation that TGPS installed in a temporary basis.

Gas Turbine parameters has been tested:

  • Gas Turbine Corrected Power Output
  • Gas Turbine Corrected Heat Rate
  • Gas Turbine Efficiency

In addition, during the gas turbine evaluation, the following parameters were calculated. These values will serve as a reference for future performance evaluations of the unit.

  • Firing Temperature
  • Compressor Efficiency
  • Turbine Efficiency
  • Exhaust Temperature
  • Power Output Degradation
  • Heat Rate Degradation

The ASME PTC 22 – Gas Turbine Performance Test Code was followed.

OMV Samsun – Turkey

Total Power 870MW


Supervision Power Plant Performance Test.

TGPS was hired by Austrian-based company OMV to supervise the EPC and OEM performance testing activities. The site was the installation of two state of the art single-shaft GE combined cycle blocks power by 9FB gas turbines

The TGPS activities on-site included:

  • Revision of the contractual guarantees
  • Revision of the thermal performance test procedure.
  • Revision of the emissions and acoustic testing procedure
  • Supervision of the performance testing activities
  • Calculation of Performance Test Results
  • Revision of the EPC/OEM’s final performance test reports

Gama Enerji – Turkey

Total Power 840 MW

ASME PTC 46 – Combined Cycle Performance Test

2 x GE 9 FA gas turbines

Overall Combined Cycle Performance Test

TGPS supervised the execution of the New Combined Cyle Performance Test. The configuration of the plant is two GE 9 FB Gas Turbines in Combined Cycle with one Steam Turbine to determine the current Power Plant Performance Test (ASME PTC 46).

TGPS provided the service to supervise the preparations, the execution and the reporting of the performance evaluation program conducted by the various responsible projects in behalf of the power plant’s owner.

The program included the evaluation of the Thermal Performance Combined Cycle at Based load and Part Load, Emissions and Acoustic tests.

Kirikalle Combined Cycle

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