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Power Plant Performance Test

Contractual Testing

Validate the contractual guarantees for a new project or during upgrades.

Typical parameters to evaluate: Guaranteed Power Output & Heat Rate. Sometimes this includes individual equipment such as boiler efficiency, condenser efficiency, etc. This applies as well to periodic testing on LTSA contracts or O&M contracts with perfromance guarantees

Main goal:

Protect the interest of the client. Each party has its own agenda and it is critical to establish the testing protocols, review the field work and agree with the test results. Uncertainty of results becomes contractually critical

TGPS Roles:

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Diagnostic Testing

Determine the main areas of opportunity to improve the efficiency of a power plant.

Typical Parameters to Evaluate: Overall plant performance and individual equipment performance.

In evaluating the impact of a maintenance, we compare the performance before and after the maintenance or determine where the plant has the biggest opportunities to improve the efficiency.

Main goal:

Determine the current state of the plant in terms of efficiency. establish a baseline performance and identify the areas where an investment will provide the highest return.

TGPS Roles:

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Grid Code Testing

Determine the characteristics of the plant for the grid operator to use for the economic dispatch of the plants

Typical Parameters to Evaluate: Heat Consumption curves at full load range, capacity testing, minimum load, start up and shut-down costs.

Main goal:

Map the performance of the plant to determine the parameters used for the economic dispatch of the plant and determine the costs associated with the operation and the shutdown of the plant.

TGPS Roles:

Conducting for the generating company or work directly with the grid operator to supervise the testing

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TGPS conducts high accuracy independent power plant performance test for different purposes. We ensure that the interests of our clients are protected at all times. We conduct the following activities.

– Creation or Revision of the power plant performance test procedures.

– Modeling of power plants to ensure accurate results and diagnostic of individual equipment performance

– Conduct a detailed calculation of the plant performance test results. The results are customized based on the main objectives of our clients.

– Provide high accuracy testing instrumentation to meet the uncertainty levels required by the contractual or testing requirements.

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Our team helps power generation companies to measure, monitor, and optimize performance of the following types of power plants:

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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