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Cogeneration Plants

Cogeneration Plants

Cogeneration Efficiency

The current power generation global market place big challenges to generating companies looking to increase their energy consumption efficiency to minimize their operating costs. For this reason, cogeneration or CH&P technologies play an key role on keeping the operation of industrial facilities efficiently. Because the cogeneration efficiency usually ranks very hight for industrial applications, it has become the favorite technology when there is a heat demand (hot air, steam or hot water)  at the same time that there is the electrical demand.

TGPS has been involved in the acceptance testing and diagnostic of multiple CH&P installations around the world. The key is to analyze the performance of the electricity generation while understanding the impact of the bottoming cycle in the export of steam and/or hot water.

During a cogeneration performance test, our performance engineers validate the cogeneration efficiency guarantees as well the individual componets. The cogeneration performance test is a very important milestone into any CH&P. The cogeneration efficiency is not only important for contractual reasons, but to understand what the efficiency of the plant at the beginings of its operation to be able to track it over time.

Global Experience

The high increase of new cogeneration facilities around the world, confirms the trust of the power generation market into this technology. TGPS has a global experience and our team is ready to be deployed around the world at anytime.

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Cogeneration Performance Test Procedure

For a cogeneration performance test, there are certain specific items to place special attention during the creation and revision of the site-specific performance test procedure. For example some of the key areas that need to be very detailed are.

  • Cogeneration cycle Isolation (thermal and electrical isolation)
  • Test Boundaries Definition
  • Performance Test Guarantees
  • Performance Testing Instrumentation (temporary & permanent)
  • Calculation of the final cogeneration performance test results.

TGPS has a diverse range of experience in cogeneration plants. and we follow in general the applicable testing codes such as ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 22, ASME PTC 6 among otheres.

Acceptance Test vs Diagnostic Test

Depending on the objective of cogeneration performance test, certain parameters are more critical than others. Only an experienced power plant performance engineer can guide the process through an efficient plan of action. For a contractual performance test topics such as test uncertainty, performance guarantees are more relevant. In a diagnostic test, not only these parameters are important, but also looking to historical trends, power plant upgrades, operation modes, load cycling, among others. Our team uses the latest tools to diagnostic the cogeneration performance in an accurate and practical way. Results that can impact directly cogeneration efficiency.


High-Precision Performance Testing Instrumentation

The need to ensure that a cogeneration performance test results have an acceptable level of uncertainty, requires in most instances the use of temporary instrumentation to be used during the performance test. TGPS holds large inventories of testing instrumernation around the world to satify very detailed testing programs around the wold.

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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