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Fossil Fuel Boilers
Gas, Liquid, Coal (PC or CFBB)

Fossil Fuel Boilers

Coal power plants around the world are facing dramatic pressure to become increase the power plant heat rate and to reduce the emissions. However, this technology has tremendous impact in the life of the energy industry worldwide.

Our company specializes in the assessment of coal power plant performance . We have experience with different boiler technologies such as Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers, Pulverized Coal, Ulta Super Critical Boilers, Heavy Fuel Oil or Gas Fuel Boilers.

The evaluation of the performance of a boiler involves doing an entire analysis of the heat and energy balance around the boiler. For example, in a coal power plant performance test, there is the need to use additional precision instrumentation to ensure that the indirect method of evaluating fuel consumption is accurate and meets the strict testing requirements of the industry.


Compliance with the applicable international performance test codes such as:

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Direct vs. Indirect Measurement

The power plant performance assessment relies on the evaluation of fuel flow consumption as a main parameter to determine the power plant efficiency. For gas and liquid fuel boilers, TGPS uses the direct method to directly measure fuel flow. For coal power plant this assessment requires the conduct and heat and mass balance around the boiler. Our company can provide the technical expertise, the instrumentation and the man power to conduct a successful power plant efficiency assessment.

Coal Experience

TGPS has worked with generators around the world to estimate their coal power plant performance. The efficiency of coal power plants is critical for the profitability and their long term operation.

Power Plant Performance Test Report

We work closely with clients to elaborate a performance program that delivers a final report based on solid data collection and analysis, allowing us to provide our clients with meaningful results that can confidently be used for business analysis. Our results will be based on a previous approved power plant performance test procedure.

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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