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Biomass Power Plant – San Diego GUATEMALA

San Diego Trinidad .  Biomass Power Plant Performance Test .  Masuagua, Guatemala

San Diego Trinidad
Biomass Power Plant Performance Test
Masuagua, Guatemala

San Diego Sugar Mill – Total Power 168 MW

San Diego Sugar Mill hired ThermoGen Power Services Inc. to conduct the biomass power plant performance test.  The purpose of the thermal performance test was to determine the compliance with the contractual performance guarantees.

Above all, the plant operates the fired-boilers using pulverized coal and sugar cane bagasse (seasonally) as fuel.

Consequently, TGPS evaluated the following parameters.

  • Corrected Steam Turbine Generator Power Output
  • Boiler Steam Output
  • Boiler Efficiency

The biomass power plant consisted of the following equipment.

  • 1 Shin Nippon Machinery Co. LTD. Steam Turbine
  • 1 Dual Fuel Boiler (Coal and Bagasse)

Because each equipment supplier had their own performance guarantees. TGPS created individual equipment performance test procedures and reports. Hence, TGPS made sure all parties involved agreed with the procedures and reports.

The testing program included the following activities:

• Revision of the performance guarantees.
• Identify the instrumentation needs.
• Creation of the performance test procedure.
• Approval and applicable revisions of the performance test procedure until they are accepted by all the involved parties.
• Supply high-precision temporary testing instrumentation to conduct the biomass power plant performance tests.
• Installation of the precision testing instrumentation.
• Technical Direction during the biomass power plant performance test.
• Collection of data from all available resources (high-precision instrumentation)
• Creation of the preliminary performance test report.
• Creation of the final performance test report.
• Discussion of testing results with the witnessing party until acceptance.

Finally, TGPS led the test execution; installation; testing equipment installation and test reports in coordination with all the involved parties.

In consequence, all testing activities followed the ASME PTC 46  ASME PTC 4  and ASME PTC 19.1 testing codes.


Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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