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Biomass Power Plants – Canada

Fort St. James & Merritt.  Instrumentation for Acceptance Testing .  BC, Canada

Fort St. James & Merritt
Instrumentation for Acceptance Testing
BC, Canada

Fort St. James & Merritt  – Total Power 80MW

Iberdrola Canada hired TGPS to provide instrumentation services for conducting the acceptance test in two biomass power plants located in British Columbia, Canada.

The company installed two twin biomass power plants called Fort St. James and Merritt. Both plants consists of one nominal 40 MW condensing, regenerative, super heated steam turbine, one one-pressure boiler firing biomass and one air- cooled steam condenser.

Consequently, the main fuel used are wood residues from local sawmills, logging operations, and roadside debris. For this reason, the two plants are equipped with “grate firing” combustion technology, one of the most reliable and sophisticated on the market.

TGPS provided the instrumentation services for conducting the performance test at both plants. These services included providing all testing instrumentation; calibrating station instrumentation and installing the precision instrumentation around the plant. Finally, TGPS was responsible to collect the precision data used to calculate the final results. The instrumentation services followed the approved performance test protocols.

The two plants operate at extreme weather conditions (-45 C). Likewise, this was a challenge to maintain the reliability of testing equipment at these extremely low temperatures.  In consequence, all testing instrumentation to measure, temperature, pressure, flows and electrical energy had to be professionally installed to support the testing program of the two biomass power plants. The most noteworthy, our personnel was able to overcome this particular challenge.

Similarly, the good coordination between Iberdrola Canada,  EPC contractor and TGPS was decisive for the successful conclusion of the tests. Also, the testing equipment work reliably during the test programs.

In conclusion, the testing instrumentation services comply with the ASME PTC 4, ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 6, ASME PTC 30.1 testing codes.



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