Combined Cycle Performance Test – PTC 46

Combined Cycle Performance Test - PTC 46

TGPS has conducted the thermal evaluation of combined cycle power plants around the world. TGPS has conducted many different tests of power plants under different configurations (1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3, on 1, 4 on 1, 1 on 4, etc)


At the same time, TGPS has faced the scenarios where the testing of a combined cycle happens in two phases; the first when the gas turbines are fully commissioned and tested in simple cycle configuration and the second when the whole combined cycle is in operation. We are used to develop specific combined cycle performance test procedures and calculation tools to handle this scenarios. 


Our company has in stock the necessary high-precision testing instrumentation to measure the main parameters around the combined cycle.


The typical parameters of interest to calculate for contractual purposes are:


  • Corrected Combined Cycle  Power Output
  • Corrected Combined Cycle Heat Rate / Efficiency
  • Combined Cycle Auxiliary Consumption


Recently, several customers have been interested to understand better the start-up and shutdown costs of their units. TGPS has helped to determine these values in power plants around the world. For combined cycles it is useful to understand these costs for hot, warm and cold conditions.


Using all this information, our customers can take smart decisions for investment and maintenance purposes.


The typical test that TGPS conducts in Combined Cycles are:


  • Contractual Acceptance Performance Test (New Units / Upgrades)
  • Government Power Plant Performance Evaluation Programs
  • Power Plant Diagnostic Performance Test
  • Periodic Power Plant Performance Test
  • Before and After Performance Test
  • Start-Up and Shutdown Test

In addition to the above tests, TGPS can conduct the emissions test and acoustic test on combined cycle power plants.

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Turbines Performance Test

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