Biomass Power Plant – San Diego GUATEMALA

Services Overview

San Diego Sugar Mill contracted TGPS to conduct contractual compliance performance guarantees.


TGPS evaluated the following parameters.

  • Corrected Steam Turbine Generator Power Output

  • Boiler Steam Output

  • Boiler Efficiency

Because each equipment supplier had their own performance guarantees. TGPS created individual equipment performance test procedures and reports. Hence, TGPS made sure all parties involved agreed with the procedures and reports.

The testing program included the following activities:

  • Creation of the performance test procedure per ASME PTC 46 and ASME PTC 19.1 testing codes.

  • Supply high-precision temporary testing instrumentation to conduct the performance tests.

  • Technical Direction during the biomass power plant performance test.

  • Creation of the final performance test report.

  • Discussion of testing results with the witnessing party until acceptance.

Project Details

Plant Name

San Diego Sugar Mill




Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

Total Power

168 MW

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