ENGIE CFBB Plant – Chile

Services Overview

The EPC Cobra Plantas Industriales (EPC Contractor) hired TGPS to conduct contractual acceptance performance testing in two CFBB power blocks.


TGPS has conducted the performance test for the Mejillones coal plant.

  • Submit a work plan for the performance tests.

  • Develop the performance test protocol that specifies the terms and conditions of the test.

  • Provide testing instrumentation to measure all parameters of the tests.

  • Supervise the activities described in the performance test protocol to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.

  • Report all test results.

  • The tests requirements were guided by the internationally accepted protocols ASME PTC 4.1, ASME PTC 46, PTC 6.0 and ASME PTC 19.1

Project Details

Plant Name

CTH & CTA CFBB Power Plants




Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

Total Power

330 MW

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