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Services Overview

The purpose of the gas turbine performance test was to determine the power output and heat rate improvement after the Gas Turbine Upgrade.


TGPS conducted the evaluation by bringing testing instrumentation, creating a site-specific gas turbine test procedure, conducting the test and creating a gas turbine performance test report.

  • Prepared a performance test procedure

  • Provided and installed High-Precision Instrumentation

  • Directed all testing activities onsite

  • Prepared a performance test report

  • Identified together with the client opportunities for improvement

  • The ASME PTC 22 – Gas Turbine Performance Test Code was followed.

In addition, during the gas turbine evaluation, the following parameters were calculated. These values will serve as a reference for future performance evaluations of the unit.

  • Firing Temperature

  • Compressor Efficiency

  • Turbine Efficiency

  • Exhaust Temperature

  • Power Output Degradation

  • Heat Rate Degradation

Project Details

Plant Name

Indonesia Power




Gas Turbine

Total Power

50 MW

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