Karabiga Ultra Super Critical Coal Plant

Services Overview

The owner, CENAL Enerji, a leading EPC and plant owner operating in Turkey, hired ThermoGen Power Services Inc. to execute power plant performance acceptance test for the ultra supercritical coal plant Karabiga, located in Canakkale, Turkey.
The Ultra Super Critical Coal Plant includes two blocks of 660 MW each using ultra super critical coal boiler technology from GE-Alstom.


TGPS was contracted to conduct the contractual performance test and delivered the following:

  • Calculation and report the following contractual parameters

    • Plant Net Corrected Output (TMCR)

    • Plant Net Corrected Heat Rate (TMCR)

    • Minimum stable operation load

    • Live steam temperature

    • Maximun boiler steam generation

    • Generator Hydrogen Leakage

    • Steam turbine generator vibrations

    • Air and Gas draft losses

    • Air Pre-heater Leakage

    • SCR efficiency, ammonia slip, conversion rate and draft loss

  • Installation of 336 temporary precision instruments

  • Emissions testing: NOx and CO

  • Acoustics testing: Near Field Sound Pressure

  • The tests followed the internationally accepted protocols ASME PTC 4, ASME PTC 46, PTC 6.0, and ASME PTC 19.1

Project Details

Plant Name

Karabiga Ultra Super Critical Coal Plant




Coal Fired Boiler

Total Power

1320 MW

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