PP12 Arabian BEMCO Contracting Ltd – Saudi Arabia

Services Overview

Prepare, manage and execute the contractual compliance testing of two 407FA blocks of (four GE MS7001FA gas turbines and 1 Alstom steam turbine in combined cycle) the site condensation system is based on an Air Cooled Condenser.


TGPS executed the following tasks:

  • Prepared a performance test procedure

  • Provided and installed High-Precision Instrumentation

  • Directed all testing activities onsite

  • Prepared a performance test report

  • Identified together with the client opportunities for improvement

  • Conduct a near field and far field acoustic test to ensure that the sound levels at the plant are in compliance with the acoustic guarantees.

  • ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 22, ASME PTC 6.2, ASME PTC-36.

Project Details

Plant Name



Saudi Arabia


Combined Cycle

Total Power

1,300 MW

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