Featured Projects

Since its founding more than a decade ago, TGPS has executed projects providing thermal performance engineering services to hundreds of power plants of all technologies in all continents.
TGPS is proud to offer INDEPENDENT and UN-BIASED engineering services. Our engineers bring a total of over 50 years of cumulative experience and are some of the most qualified performance engineers in the power industry working with major players and manufacturers (OEMs).
We invite you to explore below some or our projects. We can provide a detailed project reference list with our proven experience and capabilities at your request.



Boilers and
Steam Turbines




Combined Cycles

In today’s competitive generation market, plant heat rate is of major interests for power generators. It is also important to understand why your plant efficiency is where it is and how to improve it. Through detailed plant performance analysis, TGPS determines the performance of each equipment’s that impacts your combined cycle performance.

Gas Turbines

In simple or combined cycle, the Gas Turbine is the main driver of today’s clean power plants. Gas Turbine Performance is now one of the main, if not the main, topic in the industry. Around the world, OEMs are trying to improve gas turbine efficiency, power plant operators are increasingly more concern to maintain and increase the gas turbine efficiency and power output.

Fired Boilers and Steam Turbines

TGPS has tested all technologies of fired boilers. We have experience conducting coal power plant performance test following international acceptance testing protocols such as ASME PTC 46 and ASME PTC 4. In today’s current climate for fired boilers you need expertise to find opportunities for improvement in your steam plant. New unit performance testing is a key milestone for plant profitability: a successful test ensures rapid COD. TGPS provides the expertise you need.

Reciprocating Engines

TGPS has conducted several dozen tests of combustion engine around the world. Our thermal performance engineers has experience evaluating engine efficiency of OEMs such as MAN, Hyundai, Caterpillar, Wärtsilä, B&W, among others. The purpose of the combustion engine performance test can vary, from contractual reasons to diagnostic purposes, such as understanding changes in the combustion engine heat rate.

Wind Turbines

TGPS has evaluated several wind turbines in different projects around the world. Our engineers have worked on units from Vespa, GE, ABB amongst others. We specialize in commissioning and testing of wind turbines. Aside from evaluating the compliance with the power curve, TGPS can help to evaluate the wind resource and optimize wind park projects to maximize power production.

Concentrated Solar Power

TGPS also has experience with renewables plants like concentrated solar plants.