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CENAL Karabiga USC Coal Plant – Turkey

Karabiga/Biga, Turkey .  Power Plant Performance Acceptance Test .  Karabiga/Biga, Turkey

Karabiga/Biga, Turkey
Power Plant Performance Acceptance Test
Karabiga/Biga, Turkey

Karabiga Ultra Super Critical Coal Plant – Total Power 1320 MW

CENAL Enerji, a leading EPC and plant owner operating in Turkey, hired ThermoGen Power Services Inc. to execute the power plant performance acceptance test for the ultra super critical coal plant Karabiga, located in Canakkale, Turkey.

The Ultra Super Critical Coal Plant includes two blocks of 660 MW each using ultra super critical coal boiler technology from Alstom.

These ultra super critical coal boilers feed two steam turbines each generating 660 MW at full load. Furthermore, these boilers technology allow the plant to generate low emissions as their boiler efficiency is highly improved. As a result, this plant is on of the most efficient plants in the country.

The testing program includes the following activities:

• Revision of the performance, emissions and acoustic guarantees.
• Identify the design of the plant and current instrumentation.
• Advise on the performance test procedure revisions.
• Creation of the emissions and acoustic test procedures.
• Approval and applicable revisions of the performance, emissions and acoustic test procedures until they are accepted by all the involved parties.
• Supply high-precision temporary testing instrumentation to conduct the overall plant performance tests.
• Installation of the precision testing instrumentation.
• Technical Direction during the performance test (thermal, emissions and acoustic testing)
• Collection of data from all available resources (high-precision instrumentation)
• Creation of the preliminary performance test report.
• Creation of the final performance test report.
• Discussion of testing results with the witnessing party until acceptance.

Finally, TGPS led the test execution; installation; testing equipment installation and test reports in coordination with CENAL, GE and local contractors.

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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