Power Plant Performance Training

Combined Cycle/Gas Turbine performance training

Power Plant operators know the operation of their plant better than anyone else.
TGPS Combined Cycle performance training course combines theory and practical experience to make this course “hands-on”. The participants leave the course with a clear understanding of the overall operation of a Combined Cycle Power Plant and what variables affect the power plant performance.

At the end of the course participants will be trained to:

• Identify contributors to performance variations.
• Calculate performance parameters of the plant as well as the all of the contributing equipment in the plant.
• Monitor these parameters to evaluate the effect on the plant’s bottom line.

Who should attend?

Plant Manager, Operations Managers, Engineering Managers and Operators of Combined Cycle Power Plants.

What do I get at the end of the course?

A set of skills that will allow you to understand the combined cycle operation better. Together with the course you will get a set of training materials and a recognition of participation.

What are the logistics of registering for the course?

We can provide training courses for a specific location and dates. The only condition is to schedule the course 6 weeks in advance and have at least 6 participants.

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