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Power Plant Performance Testing Services

Contractual Power Plant Performance Test

Evaluate the Power Plant Performance Guarantees in New and Upgraded Plants

TGPS conducts and supervise the contractual power plant performance test used to validate the power plant performance guarantees in large power generation projects around the world.

The contractual power performance test is of great importance in this infrastructure projects to ensure the power plant performance commitments are met.

The contractual performance test is full of technical and contractual details. Therefore, the experience of the team conducting or supervising these test is a must. The compliance with the international performance testing protocols is important, testing codes from international organizations should be followed (ASME, IEC, DIN, ISO, etc)

Typical parameters that are typical in the power plant performance guarantees are Power Output, Heat Rate, Boiler efficiency, Gas Turbine Efficiency, Steam Turbine Efficiency, auxiliary consumption among others.

The contractual power plant performance test applies as well to periodic testing on LTSA contracts or O&M contracts with performance guarantees.

Main goal:

Determine if the power plant performance meets the power plant performance guarantees.

TGPS Roles:

TGPS acts as the contractual performance test director or supervision.

- Conducting
- Witnessing
- Supervisor

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Diagnostic Power Plant Performance

Determine how to Improve the Overall Power Plant Performance

TGPS can conduct a diagnostic of the current overall power plant performance to determine areas for improvement. This evaluation allows our customers to visualize in which equipment an investment will impact the performance of the plant in a greater way.

The diagnostic focus on evaluating the overall power plant performance. For this, TGPS evaluates the thermal performance of the major plant equipment. We use EBSILON as the modeling software to identify with precision the efficiency shortfalls around the plant and evaluate the impact of those into the overall power plant performance.

We either can diagnostic the current power plant performance or conduct an evaluation to determine the impact of certain event in the plant (i.e. maintenance, upgrade, changes in fuel, etc)

Main goal:

Determine the current state of the plant in terms of efficiency.

Establish a baseline performance and identify the areas where an investment will provide the highest return. Also, we can evaluate the impact of a maintenance, upgrade or plant modification

TGPS Roles:

TGPS conducts the diagnostic of the plants using specialize modeling software.

In some instances we have been asked to supervise and review the performance evaluation conducted by other companies.

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Power Plant Performance Audit

Determine the Plant Performance Parameters Used for the Economic Dispatch

Several countries have been moving to use an economic dispatch model in which the goal is to increase the efficiency of the electricity produced at the minimum cost. For this, several dispatch centers around the world are conducting a power plant performance audit to be able to plant the generation of the country based on solid data.

TGPS has been working with the energy ministers of different countries to conduct a power plant performance audit in different power plants. The objective is to determine the technical parameters required by the dispatch centers.

Typical Parameters to Evaluate are Heat Consumption curves Vs Load, power plant capacity minimum load, startup and shut-down costs.

Main goal:

Conduct power plant performance evaluations of the power generation fleet of countries to determine the parameters used for the economic dispatch. A lot of the work is very well documented as these become documents that determine the revenue model of plants.

TGPS Roles:

TGPS works directly with the dispatch centers or energy ministers of different countries.

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TGPS conducts high accuracy independent power plant performance test services for different purposes.

Contractual Acceptance Testing – Demonstrate the power plant performance testing guarantees.

Diagnostic Testing – Identify areas of opportunity to improve the power plant efficiency.

Power Plant Performance Audit – Comply with the testing and technical information requirements of Energy Minister or Dispatch Centers.

The activities we conduct are:

Creation or Revision of the Power Plant Performance Test Procedures. Compliance with the ASME, ISO, DIN, IEC Testing Codes. (i.e. ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 6, ASME PTC 4, ASME PTC 22, etc) For power plant performance audits, our testing procedure complies with the local power plant performance testing protocols specified by energy ministers.

Thermal Modeling of Power Plants to ensure accurate results and diagnostic of individual equipment performance. Using a thermal performance model of the plant, TGPS can do a detailed assessment of the opportunity areas of the plant to increase the performance of the plant.

Conduct a detailed calculation of the power plant performance test results. The power plant performance testing results are customized based on the main objectives of our clients.

Provide high-accuracy power plant performance testing instrumentation to meet the uncertainty levels required by the contractual or testing requirements.

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Our team helps power generation companies to measure, monitor, and optimize performance of the following types of power plants:

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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