Our team helps power generation companies to measure and improve the performance of thermal power plants

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Experts in all thermal generation technologies

Combined Cycles

Our team is ready to provide the most technically accurate test procedure and to manage the combined cycle performance test execution Learn more

Fossil Fuel Boilers (Gas, Liquid, PC or CFBB)

TGPS has conducted the thermal performance evaluation of fired boilers around the world. Learn more


The current power generation markets place big challenges to generating companies to increase the efficiency and to maximize the revenue while improving its operating costs. Learn more

Concentrated Solar

The renewable energy technologies are making a significant impact not only in the environment but in the way power generation companies decide the investment in new projects. Learn more

Steam Turbines

TGPS has conducted the thermal performance evaluation of steam turbines around the world. Learn more

Gas Turbines

The gas turbine performance tests have involved different models of gas turbines, from 30 year old frame 5 units to the latest H-Class gas turbines. Learn more

Reciprocating Engines

Either small 4-cycle reciprocating engines or large and highly efficient two-stroke engines, our company has the experience, instrumentation and methods to understand the key variables that affect the performance of the plant. Learn more

Wind Turbines

We specialize in commissioning and testing of wind turbines Learn more

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

Learn more
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