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Fossil Fuel Boilers
Coal, Biomass, Gas or Liquid Fuels

Fossil Fuel Boilers

Our company specializes in the assessment of coal power plant performance and its main parameters such as coal power plant heat rate and power output. The coal power plant performance test is a critical milestone in any new project or upgrade. As a result, TGPS has experience conducting coal power plant performance test following international acceptance testing protocols such as ASME PTC 46 and ASME PTC 4. Generators around the world are in big need to increase their coal power plant efficiency at the same time than reducing the emissions.

Coal Plant Performance Test

TGPS provides coal power plant performance services around the world. TGPS’ performance engineers are ready to provide an un-biased thermal performance analysis anywhere in the world.

Either for conducting a contractual performance test or the diagnostic the coal power plant efficiency; we comply with the international accepted protocols such as ASME PTC 4, ASMET PTC 46 among others.

TGPS can help in conducting a coal plant performance test for any of the following reasons:

  • Contractual Acceptance Performance Test to demonstrate the coal power plant performance guarantees.
  • Diagnostic Performance Test to identify the main areas of opportunity to increase the coal power plant efficiency and plant power output.
  • Coal Power Plant Performance Audit to determine the technical parameters required by the Grid Operators, Dispatch Centers or Ministers of Energy in different countries. These technical parameters might include: Power Output, Heat Rate Vs Load, Minimum Load, Start-up and Shutdown costs, among others.

ASME PTC 4 – Fired Steam Generatos

In order to analyze the performance of the boiler in power plants there is the requirement to comply with the international accepted protocols, such as ASME PTC 4. This performance test code provides a guide to conduct a reliable and accurate test in coal, biomass and gas or liquid fuel boilers.

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Coal Power Plant Performance Testing

TGPS has experience with different power generation technologies:

The coal power plant heat rate evaluation involves an  analysis of the heat and energy balance around the boiler. For example, in a coal power plant performance test, there is the need to use additional precision instrumentation to ensure that the indirect method used to calculate fuel consumption is accurate and meets the test uncertainty mentioned in the test protocols.

Our team has worked in several projects involving multi-fuel boilers, such as coal & biomass boilers. The evaluation of the coal power plant heat rate in this case considers the evaluation of both fuels and for example during the start up and shutdown we consider the use of these two fuel sometimes during the startup of the plant.

Direct vs. Indirect Measurement

The power plant performance assessment relies on the evaluation of fuel flow consumption as a main parameter to determine the power plant efficiency. For gas and liquid fuel boilers, TGPS uses the direct method to directly measure fuel flow. For coal power plant this assessment requires the conduct and heat and mass balance around the boiler. Our company can provide the technical expertise, the instrumentation and the man power to conduct a successful power plant efficiency assessment.

Coal Experience

TGPS has worked with generators around the world to estimate their coal power plant performance. The efficiency of coal power plants is critical for the profitability and their long term operation.

Power Plant Performance Test Report

We work closely with clients to elaborate a performance program that delivers a final report based on solid data collection and analysis, allowing us to provide our clients with meaningful results that can confidently be used for business analysis. Our results will be based on a previous approved power plant performance test procedure.

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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