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Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

The power generation industry is facing a lot of challenges. Therefore, among the industry priorities is the gas turbine efficiency. Gas Turbine Performance is now one of the main, if not the main, topic in the industry. Around the world, OEMs are trying to improve gas turbine efficiency, power plant operators are increasingly more concern to maintain and increase the gas turbine efficiency and power output.

As a result, parameters such  as gas turbine heat rate, gas turbine firing temperature, gas turbine efficiency and gas turbine output are critical to accomplish this objective. All these parameters can be evaluated with a gas turbine performance test following an internationally accepted testing protocol such as ASME PTC 22 or ISO 2314 – 2009.

Gas Turbine Performance Test

TGPS conducts gas turbine performance test in power plants around the world. TGPS’ performance engineers are ready to provide an un-biased gas turbine efficiency analysis anywhere in the world.

Either for conducting a contractual performance test or to diagnostic the gas turbine performance we comply with the international accepted protocols such as ASME PTC 22.

TGPS can help in conducting a gas turbine performance test for any of the following reasons:

  • Contractual Acceptance Performance Test to demonstrate the gas turbine performance guarantees for new gas turbine installations or upgrades.
  • Diagnostic Performance Test to identify the main areas of opportunity to increase the gas turbine efficiency and combined cycle power output. This applies as well for testing the gas turbine performance before and after maintenance.
  • Combined Cycle Performance Audit to determine the technical parameters required by Grid Operator, Dispatch Centers or Ministers of Energy in different countries. These technical parameters might include: Power Output, Heat Rate Vs Load, Minimum Load, Start-up and Shutdown costs, among others.

TGPS’ performance engineers are ready to work in projects around the world. At the same time, we own and maintain a large inventory of precision testing instrumentation to evaluate the gas turbine performance. These instruments are used to reduce the test uncertainty of  test results like gas turbine heat rate, gas turbine efficiency or gas turbine power output .

Gas Turbine Heat Rate

Probably the most important parameter in a gas turbine is the gas turbine heat rate. The ratio of fuel consumption Vs electricity production. In general terms the gas turbine heat rate is the inverse of the gas turbine efficiency. In this sense, OEMs have been working hard to deliver more powerful and efficient units. For example, the most efficient gas turbines at the moment are the H-technology gas turbines which in a combined cycle application, they can reach over 60% of plant efficiency. The gas turbine heat rate is dependent of operation modes, fuels, but also as well the gas turbine firing temperature, compressor efficiency and turbine efficiency.  Finally, these parameters as well determine the parts life in the gas turbine specially the hot gas path parts.


One of the most internationally accepted gas turbine performance test protocols is the ASME PTC  22. Other protocols include the ISO 2314:2009. These protocols provide a guide to conduct a performance test in an accurate and repeatable manner. In this way, the gas turbine evaluation will be done based on the same standards for comparison purposes.

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Performance Test Procedure

For a gas turbine performance test, there are certain specific items to place special attention in the gas turbine performance test procedure.

  • Gas Turbine Performance Test Objective
  • Gas Turbine Control Settings
  • Test Boundaries Definition
  • Gas Turbine Heat Rate & Power Output
  • Testing Instrumentation
  • Calculation of final Gas Turbine Performance Results
  • Test Uncertainty


Depending on the objective of testing certain parameters are more critical than others. Only an experience power plant performance engineer can guide the process through the most efficient path to achieve the specific objectives. For a contractual performance test topics such as test uncertainty, performance guarantees are more relevant. In a diagnostic test, not only these parameters are important, but also looking to historical trends, power plant upgrades, operation modes, load cycling, among others. Our team uses the latest tools to diagnostic the gas turbine performance in an accurate and practical way.


Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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