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Power Plant Performance Tests Experience

We are experts in all thermal generation technologies, we have definitely worked with yours.


Full scope, turnkey, testing program planning and execution or customized service level for your power plant. Onsite or remote, TGPS provides the best execution in the business, anywhere, anytime.
TGPS conducts or supervises (witnesses) testing of power plants to validate performance guarantees of generation projects around the world.

Demonstration performance test is of great importance in infrastructure projects to ensure the power plant contractual performance commitments are met.

Adherence to strict rules and standards is essential for these types of tests. Hiring an experienced contractor like TGPS is the only way to ensure the test results are valid. Our experts ensure your interests are protected and your investment optimized. All of our performance test programs adhere to internationally recognized testing codes and protocols such as ASME, IEC, DIN and ISO among others.

Important parameters that are typically guaranteed in power plant performance contracts are Power Output, Heat Rate, Boiler efficiency, Gas Turbine Efficiency, Steam Turbine Efficiency and Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA). All have direct impact on the plant economic bottom line and deserve diligent consideration to optimize revenue.


Determine if the power plant performance meets contractual guarantees and revenue expectations.


TGPS acts as the performance test director or the witness of the guarantee acceptance test program.


Using specialized thermal modelling tools, TGPS can model the plant performance that can be used to:

High-precision instrument rental and data measurement

TGPS has the most advanced and precise instrumentation for performance testing available in 3 locations: Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. All our instrumentation is calibrated and certified (NIST-Traceable).

Higher precision translates to lower uncertainty of measurements of your key parameters: electrical power, pressures, temperatures, flows and humidity.
Our Instrument Specialists can support your needs by installing and removing instrumentation and collect data.

Emissions testing

TGPS provides the services to measure the emissions in the exhaust gases of power plants. Our company has a substantial inventory of portable emissions equipment certified and ready to go to site anytime, anywhere.

We can collect data for:

O2 content
NOx ppm
SOx ppm
CO & CO2 content

Acoustics testing

We have conducted near and far field noise pressure and level testing at power plants all over the world. We produce the testing procedure customized to each plant and systems, execute testing and report the overall report.

TGPS can also conduct noise frequency testing for diagnostic purposes.


Power Plant operators know the operation of their plant better than anyone else.
TGPS Combined Cycle performance training course combines theory and practical experience to make this course “hands-on”. The participants leave the course with a clear understanding of the overall operation of a Combined Cycle Power Plant and what variables affect the power plant performance.

At the end of the course participants will be trained to:

• Identify contributors to performance variations.
• Calculate performance parameters of the plant as well as the all of the contributing equipment in the plant.
• Monitor these parameters to evaluate the effect on the plant’s bottom line.



Learn more about how Thermogen Power Services can provide solutions and flawless execution to meet your specific requirements.


We act as a third-party power plant performance test company to ensure that the efficiency is calculated in accordance with the strict test codes.


We have conducted or supervised performance test on more than 35,000 MW of electrical capacity in over 25 countries on 5 continents


Our team is ready at a moment’s notice. Whether you need power plant performance testing services or expert advisors, we are here for you. We offer our services in English, Spanish and French.

Want to learn more about how Thermogen Power Services can help you measure and optimize your power plant performance?

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