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of the calculated results.


Find areas
of improvement.


Act successfully
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Thermogen Power Services provides you the information you need to own your process and improve your bottom line, you just need to take it.

TGPS is a global leader in Power Plant Thermal Performance Testing for the power generation industry.
We offer Independent Performance Engineering Services, onsite or remote, to customers across the globe.

Our Services

With our proven experience and a comprehensive range of technical capabilities, we offer INDEPENDENT, COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE performance solutions.
As a power generation company you need to measure, monitor, and optimize your performance, learn how.

Performance Testing

High accuracy independent power plant performance test services.

Thermal Modelling

Thermodynamic analysis of your plant using modeling software.

Performance Training

Allowing your power plant personnel to make full use of their capability.


We are experts in all thermal generation technologies, we have definitely worked with yours.

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Learn more about how Thermogen Power Services can provide solutions and flawless execution to meet your specific requirements.


We act as a third-party power plant performance test company to ensure that the efficiency is calculated in accordance with the strict test codes.

Global Experience

We have conducted or supervised performance test on more than 35,000 MW of electrical capacity in over 25 countries on 5 continents

Flexible Team

Our team is ready at a moment’s notice. Whether you need power plant performance testing services or expert advisors, we are here for you. We offer our services in English, Spanish and French.

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