Power Plant Performance Testing

Our Testing Services

Acceptance Testing

Demonstrate power plant performance and compare with plant or equipment contractual guarantees.

Diagnostic Testing

Identify areas of opportunity to improve the plant efficiency/heat rate. Root cause analysis (RCA) of shortfalls in the system.

Performance Audit

Comply with testing and technical information requirements of Regulators and or Market Dispatchers. Sell your production and ancillary services.

Our process

Here are the four activities required for a successful performance program:

  • Creation/Revision Of The Test Procedures

    Compliance with the ASME, ISO, DIN, IEC Testing Codes (i.e. ASME PTC 46, ASME PTC 6, ASME PTC 4, ASME PTC 22, etc.). For power plant performance audits, our testing procedures comply with testing protocols specified by the respective regulating body.

  • Modelling Of Power Plants

    The modelling of power plants, creating a virtual plant, ensures accurate results and diagnosis of the whole plant and individual equipment performance. Using a thermal performance model of the plant, TGPS can perform a detailed assessment identifying opportunities for plant performance improvements, identifying all areas of opportunity of performance improvement.

  • Text Execution

    Successfully conduct and execute the testing program. Perfect coordination is key to success. TGPS also provides high-accuracy power plant performance testing instrumentation to meet the uncertainty levels required for the testing requirements.

  • Detailed Calculation Of Test Results

    Conduct a detailed calculation of the power plant performance test results. The results are customized to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Acceptance/demonstration power plant performance test
Evaluate the power plant performance guarantees for new and upgraded plants

TGPS conducts or supervises (witnesses) testing of power plants to validate performance guarantees of generation projects around the world.

Demonstration performance test is of great importance in infrastructure projects to ensure the power plant contractual performance commitments are met.

Adherence to strict rules and standards is essential for these types of tests. Hiring an experienced contractor like TGPS is the only way to ensure the test results are valid. Our experts ensure your interests are protected and your investment optimized. All of our performance test programs adhere to internationally recognized testing codes and protocols such as ASME, IEC, DIN and ISO among others.

Important parameters that are typically guaranteed in power plant performance contracts are Power Output, Heat Rate, Boiler efficiency, Gas Turbine Efficiency, Steam Turbine Efficiency and Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA). All have direct impact on the plant economic bottom line and deserve diligent consideration to optimize revenue.


Determine if the power plant performance meets contractual guarantees and revenue expectations.


TGPS acts as the performance test director or the witness of the guarantee acceptance test program.

Diagnostic power plant performance
Identify shortfalls and improvement opportunities for plant performance

TGPS can conduct diagnostic analyses of an existing plant or system to identify improvement opportunities. Diagnostic testing is necessary if the plant has suffered a sudden loss of efficiency or an operator wants to identify improvement opportunities. This evaluation is structured to allow generators to visualize where financial investment will have the most impact on the performance of the plant.

TGPS evaluates the thermal performance of the plant and the plant equipment. We use EBSILON thermal modelling software to identify efficiency shortfalls in the system and evaluate their impact on overall power plant performance.

This is a powerful tool to evaluate the impact of an event in the plant (i.e. maintenance, upgrade, fuel variations, etc.).


Determine the current performance of the plant. Establish a baseline performance and identify the areas where an investment will provide the highest return. Evaluate the impact of a maintenance, upgrade or plant modification.


TGPS conducts the diagnosis of the plants using specialized modelling software. TGPS can also supervise and review the performance evaluation conducted by other suppliers.

Power plant performance audit
Determine the plant performance parameters used for economic grid dispatch

Several countries have been moving to the use of an economic dispatch model. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the electricity produced at the minimum cost. For this, several dispatch centers around the world are conducting performance evaluation of their generation fleet to plan electrical generation of the grid.

TGPS has been working with the energy ministries of many countries to conduct power plant performance audits of generation plants. The objective of these audits is to determine the technical parameters required by the dispatch centers.

Typical parameters to evaluate are Heat Consumption curves Vs Load, power plant maximum capacity, minimum load and startup and shut-down costs.


Conduct power plant performance evaluations of the grid’s power generation fleet to determine the economic dispatch parameters. The revenues of each plant and of the grid operator are directly related to these parameters.


TGPS works directly with the dispatch centers or the energy ministries of different countries.

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