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Power Plant Performance Test Procedures

TGPS believes a clear and professionally drafted power plant performance test procedure is the most important step to conduct a flawless performance test. To produce it, we work closely with the people from all stakeholders in the process. This is the best way for us to deliver the best power plant performance test procedure for your performance program needs. The power plant performance test procedure is crucial for defining elements as simple as identifying responsibility of manual data takers to more crucial matters such as defining the location of a test boundary. Regular communication while drafting this document is vital to ensure the crucial approval of all the parties involved.

A successful power plant performance test procedure is defined by defining clear the test objectives and guarantees for an existing contract and includes current standard practices and requirements. As subject matter experts in performance testing we focus on each client’s specific needs as no two clients have the same requirements and specifications.

Our team has written power plant performance test procedures of all technologies, from Gas Turbines, Combined Cycles, Coal Plants, Thermosolar Power plants among others.

Each of our engineers is capable of writing a critical document in English, Spanish and/or French. Our expertise is reflected in the accuracy and professionalism of our protocols.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the solutions they seek.

Contractual Performance Guarantees

TGPS tests power plants and power generation equipment to ensure the OEM’s, EPCs and Owners deliver on their contractual promises.

Financial success of commercial operation depends on proper delivery of these guarantees. The confirmation of guaranteed parameters such as: power output, heat rate, efficiency and steam production cannot be left to half measures.

TGPS certifies performance guarantees are met by drafting and applying a comprehensive power plant performance test procedure.

TGPS excels in testing all type of new projects: Combined Cycles, Gas Turbines, Coal-fired plants, Steam Turbines, Cogeneration Plants, Combustion Engines, Thermosolar, or Wind projects.

In the event performance guarantees shortfalls are identified, our team of experts provides engineering remedies to mitigate these deficits.

Power Plant Performance Test Report

We work closely with clients to elaborate a performance program that delivers a final report based on solid data collection and analysis, allowing us to provide our clients with meaningful results that can confidently be used for business analysis. Our results will be based on a previous approved power plant performance test procedure.

The power plant performance test report includes clear and complete analysis of data and guarantees. Key technological and business decisions depend on having frequent visibility of performance results.

Managers and stakeholders need more than simply the results from various tests — they need conclusions based on those results and consolidated data that supports those conclusions. Technical team members also need more than just results — they need analysis, comparisons, and details of how the results were obtained.

Instrumentation Calibration Certificates

Our Instrumentation has been calibrated by a third-party laboratory with NIST certification. The calibration is handled by certified laboratory technicians under the most rigorous NIST protocols. The Instrumentation comes with a NIST certification report to ensure best tools are used during the execution of the performance test. The type, quantity and locations to install these instruments will be described in the power plant performance test procedure.

The NIST certification is applicable as well to countries where ISO and/or DIN requirements are required. In some instances, our instrumentation is calibrated by ISO or DIN certified laboratories to comply with the specifics of each test program.

Test Uncertainty Analysis

The test uncertainty analysis is an essential part of the test program. No test is complete without assessing the uncertainty of your measurements. No subject matter experts should ever deliver a test report without a thorough uncertainty analysis. Experimental uncertainty estimates are needed to assess the confidence in the measured results.

TGPS leverages years of experience and an extensive library of data to mitigate the inherent imprecision in the measurement systems. Our systems are designed to minimize uncertainty by numerical methods, adequate instrumentation, optimized installation methodology and known best practices. All our power plant performance test procedures contain a section dedicated to define the test uncertainty.

Performance Test Instrumentation Definition

One cannot provide reliable results without a comprehensive measurement system.

We carefully choose the instrumentation used for the performance test based on the scope of the power plant primary performance test: the test contractual guarantees and references conditions and specifications and requirements of the relevant industry test codes.

Specific requirements of uncertainty, calibration, range, location and data management are specifically outlined in the performance test code. Based on this information a test engineer chooses instrumentation that meets these requirements and provides durability and ease of installation.

The final instrumentation list to be used during the test can be found in the power plant performance test procedure.

Third-Party Fuel Analysis

TGPS can interface with fuel suppliers and independent laboratories to provide detailed fuel analysis. However, the client can provide their own analysis through an independent party. This is in order to determine the heat rate of the unit.

P&ID Revision

The Piping and Instrumentation diagram is crucial for every power plant. The diagram shows the piping of the process flow together with the installed equipment and instrumentation. It shows the interconnection of the process equipment and the instrumentation used to control the process. It’s crucial in the maintenance and modification of the process and the plant. The diagram is also used to provide the basis for the development of system control schemes which allows for further safety and operational investigations.

TGPS acknowledges the importance of having a clear and useful P&ID diagram. We offer the service of diagram revision to optimize the work flow. We go through a very detailed checklist to make sure the diagrams are not crowded, that it matches the Process Flow Diagram, among a myriad of other key elements. We are thorough in our revision and guarantee our final product.

Data Collection – Manually And Electronically

Our engineers are able to collect data both manually and electronically. Using both methods we ensure the verification of the information collected. It is a fail safe in case something unexpected happens. The definition of the data source will be specified in the power plant performance test procedure.

We aim to offer the best services and professionalism to give our customers the best results.

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