Gas Turbine Performance Test

TGPS has conducted the thermal performance evaluation of gas turbines around the world.

The typical parameters of interest to calculate for contractual purposes are:

  • Corrected Gas Turbine Power Output
  • Corrected Heat Rate / Efficiency
  • Corrected Exhaust Available Energy (Tempererature, Flow)

Recently, several customers have been interested to understand better the start-up and shutdown costs of their units. TGPS has helped to determine these values in power plants around the world.

Using all this information, our customers can take smart decisions for investment and maintenance purposes.

The typical test that TGPS conducts in Gas Turbines are:

  • Contractual Acceptance Performance Test (New Units / Upgrades)
  • Government Power Plant Performance Evaluation Programs
  • Power Plant Diagnostic Performance Test
  • Periodic Power Plant Performance Test
  • Before and After Performance Test
  • Start-Up and Shutdown Test

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Performance Testing Projects

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