Precision Data Measurement Services

TGPS can provide, install and operate high-precision instrumentation to meet rigorous testing schedules, costs and protocols around the world.

Instrumentation Rental

TGPS holds a large quantity of calibrated and certified testing instrumentation.

Emissions Testing

We have the expertise and equipment to conduct exhaust gas emissions levels.

Acoustics Testing

Our experts can program and execute Near and Far field Acoustics tests as well as a noise diagnostics test.

High-precision Instrument rental and data measurement

TGPS has the most advanced and precise instrumentation for performance testing available in 3 locations: Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. All our instrumentation is calibrated and certified (NIST-Traceable).

Higher precision translates to lower uncertainty of measurements of your key parameters: electrical power, pressures, temperatures, flows and humidity.

Our Instrument Specialists can support your needs by installing and removing instrumentation and collect data.

Emissions Testing

TGPS provides the services to measure the emissions in the exhaust gases of power plants. Our company has a substantial inventory of portable emissions equipment certified and ready to go to site anytime, anywhere.

We can collect data for:

  • O2 content
  • NOx ppm
  • SOx ppm
  • CO & CO2 content
Acoustics testing

We have conducted near and far field noise pressure and level testing at power plants all over the world. We produce the testing procedure customized to each plant and systems, execute testing and report the overall report.

TGPS can also conduct noise frequency testing for diagnostic purposes.

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