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AES GENER Cochrane

AES GENER Cochrane

Total Power 532 MW


TGPS conducted the Capacity Test at Cochrane Power Plant. The Coal Plant Performance Test was conducted in two pulverized coal boilers.

ThermoGen Power Services Inc. provided the following services as part of the functions of technical expert:

Submit a work plan for the performance of the maximum load tests

Develop the performance test protocol that specifies the terms and conditions of the test.

Provide testing instrumentation to measure the generator power output and auxiliary consumption in each power block.

Supervise the activities described in the performance test protocol to ensure compliance with the tests during plant trials.

Carry out a test report in which the recorded data.

Create the final coal power plant performance test report.

The government authorities accepted the final performance test report and testing activities followed the approved performance test protocol.

Why is Power Plant Efficiency Important?

Power Plant Efficiency is directly correlated to the business sustainability in terms of financial performance and long-term feasibility.

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